Don’t be a LinkedIn loser

You gotta play to win! Sign up on LinkedIn. But before you do check out these tips to ensure you have a good professional LinkedIn experience. The last thing you want to do is make a LinkedIn loser out of yourself.

Take a great photograph of yourself. Or better still, get a professional photographer to take your picture or scan your photo from your business card and use that.
Use LinkedIn’s own training videos to learn how to maximize your success on their site.
Learn tricks of the LinkedIn trade to find a new job.
logolinkedinDon’t be a lone wolf. Join groups that share your professional and personal interests.
Do business on LinkedIn.
Make a killer profile.
Re-visit and update your profile.
Connect with individual people on LinkedIn.
Visit LinkedIn regularly  – at least once a week.
Put your LinkedIn profile on your business card, website and resume.
Tell other people about LinkedIn and encourage them to join.
Tell people about job leads.
Make a definitive, precise statement about the professional opportunities you want.
The majority of jobs are unpublished. Ask people in your LinkedIn groups if they know of any that match what you are looking for in your LI profile.
Read company profiles to learn about company and career information, job listings, company news, corporate information and company updates..
Don’t try to link to someone you don’t know. It’s very unprofessional.
Don’t use LinkedIn the way you use Facebook. Personal comments and photographs shouldn’t be used here.
Use these tips to post a resume when you are unemployed.
Under your primary connections search for secondary connections; people who are directly connected to someone you don’t know. You can then ask your primary connection to make an introduction between you and the secondary connection.
Here is a great 1970s commercial by Faberge Shampoo about networking. They were also among the first cosmetic/beauty lines to develop an organic product. Those are visionaries.


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