Interviews with Idiots

These are true scenarios. Seriously. And these candidates wondered why they didn’t get hired. (And watch this funny video).

One candidate arrived wearing her blouse undone and a mini-skirt.
woman-upset-620jt120612.jpgA male candidate wore his shirt open to his waist revealing a hairy chest and gold chains.
A candidate gave the recruiter her Facebook information where she’d posted nude photos of herself.
A candidate asked the recruiter if she’d go out with him if he wasn’t hired.
A candidate offered to have sex with the recruiter if he gave her the job.

Dress Code Problems
A candidate arrived for her interview wearing a bathrobe and slippers.
A candidate arrived for her interview wearing a bathing suit.
A man interviewed while dressed as a clown.
A man interviewing for a CEO position wore a tracksuit.

Rude Behaviour
A man clipped his fingernails during his interview.
A woman waited until the recruiter left the office then deliberately urinated on her chair.
A man accidentally wet himself.
A man ate a hamburger during his interview.
A candidate helped himself to a sandwich in the company cafeteria then ate it during his interview.
A woman answered her cell phone then asked the recruiter if she would leave her own office while she had a private conversation.
A candidate answered a question with “that’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard.”
This was even ruder. And funnier.

used-car-salesmanIllegal Beagles
A candidate got up and ran out of the office when a recruiter told him a drug test was required.
A candidate offered the interviewer cocaine.
A woman admitted she was wanted on charges in her state.
A candidate told the recruiter he was fired from his job for beating up his boss.
A candidate told the recruiter he had been convicted on domestic violence charges but he wouldn’t become abusive with the recruiter.

A woman told an interviewer her typing speed was 110 wpm but only 65 wpm after her mistakes were included.
A man told the interviewer he had no work experience for the position he wanted but he really needed the money.

Generally Weird
A woman asked the interviewer if he would pick her up on rainy days because she didn’t drive.
A candidate admitted she had bipolar disorder but was stable most days.
A candidate admitted she had once attempted suicide.
A candidate slammed his hand down on the recruiter’s desk when asked why he should be hired and yelled “because I get the job done!”
A candidate admitted he lived in his parents’ basement because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.
A candidate admitted he was sueing his current employer because the company pissed him off.
A man informed the recruiter he couldn’t give him a permanent address because he lived in a gypsy camp at the airport (whatever that is).
A candidate told the interviewer that he intended to replace her in five years.

Here’s a glib interview with Brent (Ricky Gervais) from the Office.





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