Why you should write a career blog

This one is practically a no-brainer. Practically. Lots of people who work for anyone other than themselves probably don’t see the value in spending their time blogging. If they work ordinary 9 to 5 jobs, people often think blogging will do nothing for them. If people work outside the corporate sector they might think its pointless, but that’s not true.

First off, a blog is a networking system. It’s like a written Facebook. You can even add pictures. And videos. In fact, if you want to imitate celebrities you can use your blog to release a sex tape of yourself although unless your job is stripping, I wouldn’t recommend it.

logolinkedinIt’s a great tool to add to a resume. Or to LinkedIn. It gives a potential employer a new perspective on you when you aren’t in a formal interview. LinkedIn btw is a very cool international social media for people who do anything from make shoelaces to running a major conglomerate. My brother, who is a social media specialist and makes great money at it, has a lot of respect for it. He told me he “takes it very seriously,” which is code for “don’t contact me on LinkedIn to screw around.”

A blog may be essential for certain careers, especially for an entrepreneur, an entertainer, or a person whose goal is to get donations from other people.

It gives you a reason to research your industry. That’s always a plus. When you kick off your shoes “at the end of the day” (how I hate that figurative expression but in this case I mean it literally) often the last thing you think about or do has anything to do with work. That can be a mistake.

When you write your own career blog you tend to read other career blogs. They give you motivation, ideas and focus. Bloggers usually demonstrate their own unique style so they offer good examples about finding a voice and a topic.

Your blog might inspire you with ideas to bring to work. It can help you re-think issues or find ways to make your job more interesting.

You might meet your spouse that way. Actually it is Penelope Trunk, a famous blogger and business start-up entrepreneur who met her spouse through blogging, and now she is Penelope Trunkmarried to a farmer who beats her. She is living the Dream.

It’s a cool thing to tell people. “I write a career blog” or “I write (insert name of your blog.” People like writers, even bloggers. They find it impressive. After I published my first novel whenever I told people I was published they were so impressed. And I never made more than maybe $12.00 from my first book. And my second, which was far better than my first and still didn’t make money.

You can put the link on your business card. It shows people you don’t consider yourself to be a cog in the wheel and that you’re dreaming of the day you can retire (even if you are).

People comment on your blog and follow it. Some of the comments are nasty. I delete those if they are downright rude. I accept comments that offer criticism I didn’t ask for so long as I agree (yes I pick and choose whose comments I will post). They might offer ideas and resources. It’s communication with a worldwide audience.

A career blog may actually advance your professional opportunities. Someone may read it and say “wow, that person should work for us,” and you end up working for someone else. (The odds are very slim, but it could happen if that company needs a blogger). However  don’t expect to be paid to blog unless you are hired as a social media expert, whose job involves blogging.

And if nothing else, it’s fun. It’s something worthwhile to do with your time besides watch television or gab on the phone about nothing, or text people about nothing. It’s also a good example for your kids if you have any. They’ll see Mommy pounding away on her laptop when she doesn’t have to be and realize you have a hobby you enjoy and that you really do believe work is valuable for non-monetary reasons.

You might even convince yourself of that.



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