Yes you will not make money from blogging

I’ve read and watched a lot of conflicting advice about how to blog and whether or not you will make money from it. Some say yes. Some say no. And Penelope Trunk, one of my blogger idols (in fact my only one) stated no you won’t then later on changed her mind and offered a course (which I am going to take) about how to make money from blogging.

One man who isn’t famous and means nothing to me says not to blog about yourself because no one will read it. Maybe that’s why I don’t know who he is because he doesn’t blog about himself.

Writing a successful blog depends upon really enjoying what you blog about. Also, you’re supposed to know a great deal about your topic. The latter makes complete sense. I have been a schoolteacher for 18 years and the last thing I want to blog about is education and teaching.

women_bloggersI wrote a blog called Issues in Ontario Education for about a year, got very few views and comments, and stopped blogging in it some time ago even though I know a great deal about it. I learned something important (teachers are always learners). It isn’t as fun to write about teaching as it is to teach.

There are many successful bloggers who make money from blogging. There are way more who don’t ( like me) but they still blog. I doubt I will ever make a dime from blogging but I can’t help myself. It’s the same as needing to write books and get published while I earn nothing for it. It’s fun. And it impresses people.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I am signing up to take Penelope Trunk’s online course about making money from blogging even though some years ago she wrote that you can’t make money from blogging. I believe she has re-thought it. Changed her mind. Well, that’s a woman’s privilege. That’s one of the many reasons why I want to take a course about blogging and why I think everyone who can write more than their own name should blog. Here’s a blog about how to blog a book.

You live you learn. You blog an opinion then realize later that your opinion was wrong. And you fix it. And you admit it for everyone to see. That takes guts and it’s one more thing that an entrepreneur needs to develop if she is going to be a success, whether you make money from blogging or not.



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