Consider plastic surgery and maybe a makeover

That sounds shallow. But it’s also true. There is no such thing as aging gracefully. We age old. Period. And it’s sensible to fight aging with as many resources as you’ve got. Why not? If you won’t invest in you why should your company? And you may be young yet not the best one on the block because you have no idea how to dress, or how to wear your hair and makeup. You know what they say: your hair is the one accessory you wear all the time. So wear it well.

plastic-surgeryA middle-aged woman attended a job interview and discovered she was up against an attractive younger woman. Later she found out her competitor got the job. In the middle-aged woman’s opinion she got it because she was much younger. She felt she was being phased out of the market due to her age. That’s known as ageism.

Maybe she was right. Maybe not. But sitting around griping about it certainly didn’t help her. Instead, the solution is to invest in some self-improvement. Plastic surgery, a makeover, joining a gym and colouring your hair from grey to your “real” colour are all good ways to improve on your physical appearance.

It’s true that we value good-looking people. We are impressed with them. We have crushes on them. Generally speaking we often listen to their ideas more than unattractive people and stats have indicated that they do get more job offers than their plainer counterparts. It makes sense.

A study used newborn infants to determine whether we are naturally attracted to beautiful people or we learn it from our surroundings. Babies were shown pictures of two people’s faces side by side. They were always the same gender and the same age. The infants looked a few seconds longer at the attractive faces than the plain faces. They were instinctively, naturally drawn to them. Infants don’t tend to be shallow people.

Perhaps an image consultant is in your best interests. you can’t always trust your family and friends to give you an honest, objective feedback about you. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. They don’t want to open themselves up to criticism. And loyalty dictates that we say supportive things to our friends and family, not what could be contrived as mean.

Whatever you decide, don’t take too long. In the world of business it can mean the difference in landing a job or not landing a job, making a sale or not making a sale. We live in a society that’s simply that impressionable.



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