The reluctant entrepreneur

Communication is key, people always say that and they sure are right. Before I entered into the business I’m very successfully involved in now, I misunderstood a conversation I had with the woman who helped me to launch it.

body-language-WPWhen I was considering becoming an entrepreneur with a certain business enterprise,my first conversation with a woman in the industry who was a District Manager was on the telephone and it was hilarious and very laid-back. I told her I had a serious interest in entering the business and the initial suggested investment of $95.00 seemed silly to me, and unlikely to get me any business.

She agreed with me and when she invited me to the second woman’s house, for some reason I was under the impression that they would try to convince me to buy into the business with significant monies that I didn’t personally have at my disposal. I spent a few days thinking about this, a butterfly in my stomach and a nagging voice that said “you’re being set up! Don’t do it!”

Finally just by fluke I discovered I was overdrawn on a major account I owned and I’d have to eat into my brand new line of credit which I’d planned on using for my initial investment in the company. Yikes. Perfect timing. I was sure this prevented me from making a major financial mistake so I cancelled my meeting with the District Manager who then told me no one was expecting an investment from me and perhaps I should still attend the meeting just to meet and greet and find out more about the company. That calmed my nerves and then some.

The ensuing meeting was very helpful to me. I didn’t become a consultant through these women. Instead I found another avenue that made more sense to me and before I knew it I was training as an Independent Consultant. The investment was much lower than that which the District Manager had suggested. Networking and discussing how to do great in sales was motivating and exciting.

At least I came to that conclusion by attempting to see what life as an entrepreneur could be like. I made the effort to find out about this company after I spoke with the District Manager and whether or not I’d be a good fit. At the time I met with the DM and her partner,  In the end I decided no. I was convinced that just for now it isn’t for me. And I really wouldn’t know that unless I made an effort to learn more about the company and more importantly about me.

Thankfully I found another avenue to enter into the corporation and I have since taken it. Guess what?  I’m an entrepreneur!  Sort of. I have a wonderful network surrounding me who is also training me. My investment is so low as to be almost ridiculous yet it works. I’d suggest you think carefully if you have doubts about your abilities as an entrepreneur.  Not all entrepreneurial ventures have a happy ending (beginning?) like mine. However You don’t know if you are a good candidate for the entrepreneurial work force unless you look into it. What’s stupider? Telling yourself you can’t do it without even trying, or at least listening to what people have to say? The answer should be obvious.


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