When it’s time to quit your job



First take this quiz from myCareerquizzes.com. It’s short and fun. This site offers a plethora of quizzes. I like taking them just because they’re fun. And relevant.

Generally here are some red flags to consider when you want to jump ship.

  1. you’re seldom challenged and bored most of the time. Once I told a teacher that I would hate having the librarian position at our school because it would be boring and she told me “I wouldn’t let it be boring.” Maybe your job is truly boring or maybe you could find ways to make it more interesting.
  2. you and the boss just don’t get along. Ever. Okay this one is impossible to get around. Time to dust off the resume.
  3. you have been passed over for a promotion you should have received. Maybe. But it’s also possible that you didn’t put in the effort you could have to get the promotion.
  4. there is favouritism and you aren’t one of the favourites. You aren’t necessarily on the outside because you aren’t a good worker or a nice person. Office politics are everywhere and some people work them better than others. If you can’t get in with the “in” group then it’s a good idea to leave.
  5. there is very little promotional room in your department. Perhaps you might want to transfer to a different department. If that isn’t possible then leaving is probably a good alternative.
  6. the environment is very negative. This one is truly awful. I can’t work in an office of gossips, bullies and other riffraff. No thanks. I’ll take my chances elsewhere.
  7. your company is about to tank. when you see a number of employees being laid off, your company is in trouble and so are you.
  8. you keep telling yourself that one of these days you’ll quit your job.
  9. you underperform.
  10. you don’t want your boss’s job.
  11. you have other financial resources.

If you live for Friday and dread Monday, that’s another strong signal that it’s time to leave. The next question now is do you still work for someone else or yourself?




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