You are a motivational speaker if you want to be

Okay so the ending is funny. But Hopper certainly made his point about “there goes our way of life.” Now watch Flick do the same. No, we don’t want the violence against Flick but you get the idea. It’s a great skill to have when you are speaking to your employees or your work colleagues. No one wants to work with miserable people. Who wants to sit and listen to someone complain about their work and their company all day long? It’s just as bad if not worse when two colleagues work for the same company. No one wants to be told that they work in a crap company that is going nowhere.

Instead when you come into work each day, put everything out of your mind that happened that morning at home. Forget about the fight you had with your spouse. Forget about the money it will cost you to send your son on a school trip. For God’s sake don’t talk about your sex life. People really don’t want to hear about that. You’re at work now. If you need a shoulder to cry on write to Dear Abby but save the waterworks for home.

There’s a person on my staff who is just like that. On the one hand he tells people “this is the best class I’ve ever had.” Then a minute later “I’m so done with this. I’m just done.” More often than not you can hear the latter. He also has endless complaints about himself. He always comes into work sniffling and looking miserable. He inevitably answers “how are you?” with “don’t even ask” (I wish I hadn’t) or “I am so sick.” Then he goes on and on about his sinuses and allergies. He mentioned once that he wanted to take his family to the Bahamas for a vacation but he can’t because “I’m allergic to the sun.” Seriously. Allergic to the sun. It suits him- allergic to bright, sunny days.

You also don’t want to work with people who are so clueless that they go around making insulting comments, especially when he’s stupid enough not to recognize it. Watch this clip of Peter Griffin being an idiot at work. That’s another type of negative message. When you think it’s okay to make rude statements at work something is definitely wrong. Speaking of clueless here’s a great video of Ricky Gervais as David Brent in The Office UK giving his idea of a motivational speech. This is a good example of how not to be motivational.

Personally I’d rather sit beside someone who is so optimistic as to be irritating. At least she has the right attitude.


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