It’s good to be a pessimist – sometimes

There may be some truth to that. I have a terrific job as a schoolteacher. I work in Ontario, Canada and our situation as teachers is far better than teachers anywhere in Canada and in fact, worldwide. We have an amazing salary, pension plan, medical and dental benefits and a very strong union – one of the strongest nationwide. All of that plus our summers off to do whatever we want with no work obligations. That ain’t bad for an educator.

slouch_crop380wEspecially when you compare those conditions to the education system in the U.S.

That’s the plus side of being a teacher. There are negatives too – such as difficult parents and students, being placed in a grade you really don’t want, discovering that a teacher’s work behind the scenes is incredibly burdensome and lots more tidbits I won’t get into.

These are important things to think about now and then. Why? Sometimes teachers think about quitting and becoming entrepreneurs or simply entering the corporate world. They think about the drawbacks of teaching and how difficult it can be. Kids are super challenging for parents. Imagine a classroom full of them all day long? Who wouldn’t want to walk away from that?

Then when you sit down and think about the realities of being an entrepreneur and striking out on your own all the positives of being a teacher and what you’ll be leaving behind (see paragraph one) start to dawn on you and you realize things really aren’t so bad. In fact, they’re pretty awesome.

Very few people in the corporate world can boast any of those traits in their work. In fact Ontario teacher’s salaries average out to $20,000.00 more a year than all dual income families in Canada. And that’s just one teacher’s salary. Imagine if two teachers got married. Then you’re $40,000.00 ahead. That’s not bragging. That’s astounding.

An entrepreneur has absolutely no guarantees that her business venture will make her any money. In fact, your first entrepreneurial ventures are going to fail – at least that’s what the stats say. Seldom do people fail as teachers. And the job security is very impressive. It’s a heckuva lot better than any corporate position I know. Beat that.

So maybe negative thinking is the key to success. It encourages people to keep good jobs with significant benefits. It reminds people of how lucky they are to have what they have. And for people who still strike out on their own they can use any of the experiences and knowledge they have gained from a relatively secure, reliable job and apply it to their new life in a new company or as an entrepreneur. That’s good thinking for a pessimist.


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