You need an image consultant – trust me on this one

Now you see why I’m a fan of makeup. Without it there never would have been a Marilyn Monroe.

Okay so maybe you don’t need a makeover but most people do and don’t know it. If you didn’t you wouldn’t read this blog. I’m pretty damned confident about me or I wouldn’t write this blog.Here’s the kind of thing I hear about me at east once a week but usually more:

The way you dress is so unique
You always look elegant even when you exercise
I love your jewelry.
I don’t know how you do it but how do you always look so put together?
You dress so rich.

When I was a teenager I was Miss Brampton 1984 – I was 17 when I won. I entered the Miss Canada pageant. Obviously I didn’t win but hey, I was there. As I started to age I didn’t look so beautiful anymore. In fact for the first time in my life (with the exception of my pregnancy and even then I had a 10-pound baby to blame) I gained weight. Significant weight. People never knew I was capable of it. Neither did I.

Eventually I got fed up with being a fat cow and lost the weight. I got filler and botox. I get my hair done at least once a week and I am always buying beautiful new clothes. As attractive as you are, you can still use improvement. I know the same is true of me. That’s why I get cosmetic surgery and have a personal trainer.

Its especially important for you to know how to dress for business when you’re an entrepreneur, although that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are some examples of people I know who are relatively attractive but are clueless about how to dress:

  1. There is a chubby woman on my old staff who insists on wearing skin tight black stretchy pants that emphasize her large butt and broad hips.Then other days she dresses beautifully. She has one of the most schizophrenic wardrobes ever.
  2. Another woman my friend knows who is quite young used to wear these old granny-looking, puffy scarves around her neck every day. They were awful. I used to wonder if she was hiding psoriasis.
  3. A secretary at Peel Regional Police where I used to work, had one of the worst wardrobes of all. She wears skin-tight jeans in different colours and sweaters in solid colours and none of the colours complement one another. Her hair is a long, dry, shapeless mess that she thinks it’s gorgeous.
  4. A woman I know simply gets dressed in the dark. That’s all there is to say about her.

I’m sure there are people on my staff who look at me and think “is she kidding?” I’m sure there are people who think “why does she keep wearing her hair like that?” or “she wears too much lipstick.” Absolutely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when I listen to the compliments I get I figure I must be on the right track.  Watch my powerpoint slideshow Dress Code and the Workplace II

I still remember one of the most stylish and attractive women I ever met. Her name was Mrs. Jobity. She was my second grade teacher. She was an elegant-looking Black woman who always wore her hair up, dressed nicely and I remember being obsessed with her small golden earrings that hung from her ears and moved slightly when she read to us. I saw her several years afterward when I became a teacher. She still looked and dressed beautifully. Just as importantly she was still gracious and approachable.

A woman in one of my former schools is a prime example of why people need image consultants. A few of us were guessing each other’s ages. I estimated one very youthful-looking woman I shall call Lucy to be 27. Turns out she’s 36! The woman I shall call Marianne standing across from her was aghast. “You mean you’re younger than me?”  She thought this girlish looking woman was older. I don’t know how she got that impression. Marianne is overweight, has frizzy outdated greyish-blonde hair and never wears makeup. She is far less attractive than Lucy who doesn’t dress much better than Marianne but still has a much younger face. Marianne had no idea that she looked old enough to be Lucy’s mother. .

Most of the women in my former schools are in desperate need of a makeover and don’t know it.   Here’s a quiz to see if you need a makeover. If you don’t trust it here’s another one.

You may be in the fabulous sense of style category and I salute you. But it’s more likely you aren’t. Go see an image consultant at least once. They’re relatively cheap and coughing up a few bucks to improve your appearance is great for your professional and personal life. And you’ll feel good too. That alone is worth it. So are you.





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