Whistle while you wordle

By now you have heard of wordle. I would love to meet the brainiacs who invent this stuff.  Wordle can be helpful for job seekers. Sometimes  Nope, its not a linkedin or a twitter.  It’s not a service where you post your profile (yawn) and try to catch an HR recruiter’s eye.  Essentially wordle is a de-coder ring for tweaking your resume by targeting key words in job descriptions that are posted on the internet.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log onto wordle.com
  2. Select Create Your Own
  3. A window pops up with a huge empty box where you can paste text.
  4. Copy the job description from its site and paste it into the empty box in wordle.Or you can copy the URL of a site that has an RSS feed.
  5. Hit Go or Submit.
  6. wordle3.jpgWordle thinks for a few seconds and then it brings up the coolest-looking screen that blasts all of the keywords in the job description in colour with the most significant words (they occur the most often in the ad) appearing the largest on the screen. Now you know what the company is really looking for to fill this role.
  7. If Wordle doesn’t give you anything you probably don’t have java. You will need to install it onto your computer.
  8. Go back to your resume and compare it to the keywords in the wordle decipher box.
  9. If your resume doesn’t significantly reflect the keywords in the job description wordle has identified for you then you need to change it.
  10. The largest words here (often in that “description” or article or what have you.  Obviously then you would alter (but do it honestly!) your resume to reflect those words.  Cool.
     It’s another clever way to get your resume accepted and not rejected by HR resume-sorting computer technology and of course the HR human eye, each of which are equally important in getting that all-important interview.
There are other such software programs on the net. Check out worditout Tagul . and this list of 10 word cloud sites. Keep in mind that using resumes is not the best way to get a job anymore. Networking is where it’s at but if you haven’t any, you have to start somewhere. Read my blog about 16 ways to network for people who don’t know how to network.

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