Get more traffic to your website

Alright Girlfriend, listen up. This is the simplistic, easiest technical way to begin to get traffic to your blog or website.

  1. Go to the Settings Options in your Website and enter relevant keyword phrases that can be found in your site. eg. if you have a consulting business then clearly 2 of your search words are “consulting business” then perhaps “consultant” and then specifically logolinkedinyour area of expertise.
  2. Make sure you use those keyword phrases numerous times in the site.
  3. Google loves headers so use them generously on every page. Try to make keyword phrases into headers wherever you can.
  4. Search engines pick up on images as well as text so do use them generously and try to add text to them that include your keyword phrases.
  5. Link your site to other quality sites such as LinkedIn and to your blog as well as other people’s blogs. Remember its quality that counts, not quantity so never link to a blog or a site that doesn’t offer top notch service, like you do.

That’s the mechanics of getting more traffic. Here are the more creative ways:

  1. network – use your blogroll to connect to other successful sites
  2. re-blog people’s work while giving them credit
  3. link up to social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora and Myspace.
  4. start your own career website and link your blog to it.
  5. Take terrific courses about how to write a great blog…of any sort.
  6. Allow for comments in your blog. When there is criticism, so long as it isn’t crass or insulting, recognize that at least someone is reading your blog and answer graciously.
  7. network in person and put your blog address on your business cards.
  8. Guest blog on other people’s blogs and accept their blogs.
  9. write a free ebook. Here’s a great example.
  10. Add another freebie. Here’s a unique and fun idea.
  11. conduct and use keyword research while writing your posts using Google Adwords Keyword Planner – watch out in particular for the keyword filters, keyword options, and include/exclude features.
  12. use beautiful designs through professional design sites. This requires an investment but there is one for every budget. Reportedly, Sortfolio is a good one. Mind you most blog and websites have their own beautiful designs and many are free but this is another route.
  13. blog every day.
  14. watch this video

Enjoy your venture into blogging!


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