What’s in your bucket list?

You don’t need to be an elderly man to have a bucket list. I love the fact that Nicholson and Freeman were old guys in The Bucket List because it showed a “what have I got to lose?” attitude during heir senior years. It’s never ever too late.

Well, here’s a twist on that thinking: have a bucket list before you’re 30 – meaning you could start this in your teens (or even younger). Read about it here. And here’s a blog about 50 things to do before you’re 50.

If getting that promotion or quitting your job or becoming an entrepreneur or finding your soulmate or buying a house or what have you is in your bucket list, what are you waiting for? Do you think an opportunity will show up at your door and say “I promise this venture will work out. Guaranteed.”

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Everything takes a certain amount of risk. It seems to me the younger you are when you write that bucket list and take a leap of faith the better off you’ll be (Nicholson and Freeman notwithstanding). But why wait? If you need a little incentive, read about Wim Hof here. You might even get an idea for your own bucket list from him. Here’s a blog about writing your own bucket list. For ideas download a book entitled Bucket List ideas 101 things to do before you die.

I completed 9 items on my bucket list over the last 10 years. Okay that’s not a lot but at least it’s a start. They included:

  1. Enroll in the doctorate program in education at the University of Toronto.
  2. Look into an entrepreneurial venture by meeting with potential partners.
  3. Get a cat.
  4. Hire a personal trainer.
  5. Eat better.
  6. Go on a detox program.
  7. Publish a book. (I published two with PublishAmerica).
  8. Pursue an education and potential career in psychotherapy.
  9. Move to the city.
blue bucketI have several more for the near and distant future. I’ve started working on them. Okay so my list isn’t exciting to most people. It is to me. I’m not interested in jumping off a cliff, skydiving, eating bugs, or living in Bali for a year. Not my thing.

I suggest you cut a few pieces of paper into strips, write down the ideas from the above blogs with a few of your own, place them in a bucket and pull one out maybe once a week. Then do it.


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