How to exude confidence even if you haven’t much of it

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for a corporation, exuding confidence is very important. People will be more inclined to do business with a mature, confident woman than a nail-biting wreck. It can be very difficult to build up confidence especially in the work world. Try these tips:

article-0-0604D929000005DC-149_468x412fake it until you make it. You’ve heard this one before – act like you know every potential issue in the boardroom or at your business and then some. You could always say “I’ll look into it,” or “let me mull that one over and get back to you,” if you don’t have an immediate answer. It’s a lot better than shrugging your shoulders and saying meekly “I don’t know.”

dress for success. I’ve blogged a few times about things like body types, getting an image consultant and I’ve included a powerpoint I made called Dress Code and the Workplace. (Here’s the link again). When you clean up well it sends a powerful message to people. When don’t, that sends a powerful message too.

pay attention to your body language. Correct your posture. It affects how you feel and think believe. Read my previous blog Stop slouching, folding your arms and looking down.

Stay positive. Watch this video called How to feel confident about your decisions.

Work hard. Play hard. You need to reward yourself with time off. Play sports. Go to a spa. Have a candlelight dinner with your spouse. Whatever does it for you.

Here are some additional confidence boosting tips.

Allow your friends or spouse to surprise you with a confidence booster or just a reward after a particularly busy week. Drop hints (ha).

Revel in your newfound confidence.








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