How one woman’s dishonesty destroyed her career

Her name is Meagan Kunert. She is an intelligent and talented woman who resembles Madonna. At one time Kunert was a photographer who wasn’t making enough money to pay the bills so she stole photographs and photography blogs from other people’s websites. When she did, she began booking many more clients and her revenues went up. meagan300The day she was caught, her life as a photographer and a social media voice was all but over.

Kunert received communication from people worldwide. Her telephone was flooded with voice messages, she received scathing emails and news media discussed the “madness of her method.” Kunert was a professional pariah:

Newspapers and news stations documented what happened. I received tons of backlash from people all over the world telling me what a horrible person I was. I received anonymous emails telling me that I should kill myself.

She began to rebuild her social media career and refused to use a pen name. For each 100 negative comments from readers she found 1 positive comment. Eventually she received more positive comments. She helped to organize an online support group called People of the Second Chance. Her career as a photographer is over. She has a damaged reputation that will probably follow her for the rest of her working life.

Some of you may think she deserves this bleak future. Others may be more forgiving. I offer it as an example of what not to do during your career no matter how much you are struggling.



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