What’s in your Brag Book?

Of course you know what a Brag Book is. I think the word Brag should be replaced with Achievement or Success or some such thing. At any rate a BB is a portfolio of your professional and personal achievements that you bring to an interview and leave with the recruiter. LinkedIn offers a guide on how to create a BB.

sales-brag-book.pngA BB highlights your successes in business and sometimes in your personal life, including your volunteer experience, since you entered the work force. Most of us didn’t know what the heck a BB was when we began working so we haven’t collected information that far back but don’t despair. It’s never too late to start. Essentially everything you need for your BB is listed below and in great articles such as this one

Include in your BB:

  1. updated copy of your resume – always adjust it to reflect the skills needed in the job position you want.
  2. letters of reference from professional and personal contacts.
  3. volunteer positions and your achievements there
  4. projects you completed
  5. revenues you generated
  6. newspaper clippings that include your projects and that might mention you as being part of the team that completed them
  7. awards and recognitions
  8. certificates and copies diplomas from your academic and professional history
  9. complimentary emails
  10. thank-you notes from your boss or work colleagues (no not for bringing donuts to a meeting)
  11. a plan as to what you intend to accomplish for the company within 3 months

Get it bound like a bookStaples sells book binding machines. Or find a professional POD (print on demand) that can do this for you. Some of them are very affordable. Bookpatch.com prints 1 – 49 copies for $2.77. Make multiple copies including one for you to keep. Some people use a binder and plastic paper protectors. Tacky.

When applying for a position by email (which is usually the case) include a digital BB.

Use it during the interview and walk your interviewer through it as you explain examples of your work. You don’t have to show your resume, references, copies of your diploma or emails. Show the recruiter the essentials. That’s known as personal branding.

Make sure you leave your BB with the interviewer.



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