Help your daughter to find her way in the career world – and in being a girl

There are some great sites to be found (and books and magazines etc) that can help your daughter figure out what she wants to do with her life. Naturally she needs to assess her happy-daughter-mother-10869553skills and her interests before she can make an informed decision. Here is a great site. I like the fact that it includes mentors, real life examples of women who are making it work in their chosen fields.

Don’t tell your daughter she can do anything she wants in this world. That’s a lie. You certainly know that’s true. You have your limitations and so does she. We all do. We are well-intended when we say such things to our children but it’s an extreme that is misguided.

Here are a few more sites for your daughter to investigate:

Accenture Careers for Women|
The best jobs for women in 2015
Careers by Nature – women and gender studies
Opportunities for women – careers in construction
Jobs and careers for women at the YWCA in Toronto
Women for women International

It’s also helpful to let your daughter know that she may be up ahead of gender bias and if she’s a minority, also prejudice. Don’t taint her future with concerns that will make her dread her potential career, just make her aware that these things exist and she may or may not have to deal with them one day. Here’s a great blog from The Huffington Post about Women and Careers. Here’s a particularly good article. Here’s another one.

Encourage her to enroll in both academic and applied courses high school, if your secondary school boards offer these options. For instance, most students choose either an academic or an applied focus but they are permitted to take a number of courses in the alternative program.

The availability of both of these programs has led to an increase in the number of Ontario postsecondary school graduates. There are students who do not achieve the same success results as children in the academic program, but if your daughter finds the academic streaming too difficult, don’t push her into it. She will still achieve her best grades in the program that is right for you, so long as you remain her champion.

Perhaps the most significant website you and your daughter can explore together is called Girls Inc.: USA and Canada. It addresses issues such as body shame, conformity, sex abuse and other issues affecting girls today.

The most significant influence your daughter will have is you.





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