Career management makes everyone an entrepreneur

What is career management?  Lisa Sonora Beam seems to have a handle on CM. Her book The Creative Entrepreneur – A DIY Visual Guide is not only informative but it applies to everyone with a career: entrepreneurs, business people, doctors, educators, fashion editors and on and on. With the lack of job security in today’s corporate world anyone who isn’t invested in CM isn’t invested in herself.

It used to be that I had no concept of CM. I let my schoolboard manage my career for me. Ick. I was like a cork bobbing on the water – getting tossed around wherever the water led me not where I wanted to go. I wasn’t content this way for the most part but I was grateful to have a job. I think a lot of people feel that way.

What happens when you don’t have a job anymore? Or you become dissatisfied with your career? This is where you need to invest in CM. It’s essential for moving forward and for making your job/s as secure as you can. No one else will do it for you. No one else cares. Certainly not your organization or your boss.

As a teacher I finally realized that a CM applied to me, not just people in the corporate sector. I made a plan. Then I scrapped it and made another one. And I repeated the process over and over until I finally found something that met all my needs and made sense. Am I in that position yet? No. I’m a work in progress and so is my CM plan. But I am taking steps right now to making important developments and that’s fuelling the fire in a way my career hadn’t before.

Steps to CM:
Self-Assessment – tests provided by employer
Development Planning
Development Tips – employees create their own ideas

Control_(Janet_Jackson_album)_coverartEmployees have put CM into place with management to assist them in finding avenues to achieve their goals. Management and employee work as equals, not as superior-inferior. This isn’t the old-fashioned way of getting promoted and getting a raise. It’s an active way for an employee to take charge of her own career.

Developing your own career plan is being self-directed and in control. Janet Jackson is a great example of this in her career and her life. She grew up with a very controlling, domineering father who became her manager and took Jackson’s career in a direction she didn’t want. She finally took control of her own CM. She released her third solo album called Control, about the shift of power in her career. She annulled her marriage, severed business affairs with Daddy and separated herself from the rest of her family. That’s what’s known as girl power. And career management.




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