You need a Happy Dance


We almost wish no one could see David Brent’s (Rick Gervais) happy dance. Except it’s supposed to be ridiculously funny and satirical. And so is yours. When you’ve achieved something that makes you feel great or when someone has said something to you that makes you feel you can move mountains, celebrate it. Privately sometimes.

Create your own happy dance. Here’s a cute song to help you. In the middle of all this career talk there has to be fun, celebration and humour. There will be many times that you are great and you owe it to yourself to acknowledge it. Out loud. Dance like no one can see you. Sing like you can actually sing. High-five yourself with a mirror just don’t break the glass (unless it’s a ceiling).

Better still, when you fail to close a deal, (there will be other deals), you’ve been fired, (your job sucked anyway), your business has just gone under, (it took 10,000 experiments before Edison harnessed electricity into a lightbulb), your husband has left you, (he was a jerk) and your best friend isn’t speaking to you, (she has her own problems), screw it. You’ll survive. You always have. You’re knocked down but you’ll get up again because nothing keeps you down for long. And why not? You’ve earned it.

Here is a classic happy dance from Tom Cruise before he went weird on us
Here’s Stewie being his usual egotistical self.
Pixar made something unique with a mouse and a classic rock song
See if you can keep a straight face to this one.

Dance like no one can see you. Or like everyone can. What the hell.






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