There is Life on Mars

. You

I’ve been liked on different sites but not through this one yet – until now. I am ecstatic. In fact, I was liked by two people. Getting liked is a good beginning when starting an online network. Why?

  1. You connect with other people – also known as networking
  2. Other people know you have read their stuff and like it
  3. It assures you other people can find your blog
  4. It creates an awesome sense of community on this vast void we call the internet
  5. It just feels good
  6. If you’re an entrepreneur it is especially helpful – it may lead to business connections because it drives traffic to your site

women_bloggersNaturally when I was liked I went to the sites where someone liked me and I found:

The Seeds 4 Life – a blogging community that focuses on personal development, consisting of several articles by different bloggers. This one is really unique because it is comprised of bloggers who aren’t necessarily the founders of the site. You can contribute too.
The Evolutionary Mind – love the name. Dustin Myers and his fiancé Naomi Laroche are the founders. It’s a blog about the power of you. Cool.

That’s the whole point in liking and re-blogging (I have yet to experience that honour with this site). When you network with other people it’s empowering. You know someone has your back. Better still, you know somebody out there gets you and even sees the world the way you do. You’re not alone in the internet universe. It’s like finding life on a distant planet that’s a lot closer than you realized.

It makes reaching your goals a lot more encouraging. It makes blogging even more worthwhile than you thought (although hopefully you blog just for the sake of blogging). Yes there really is Life on Mars. Unlike the heroine in this song, this young girl who is bitterly disappointed that she doesn’t have access to [a far greater life] somewhere else,”

Unlike you. You have the internet and with it, access to a far greater life.




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