Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Yes that’s me – my first ever girltalkcareerblog video posted onto youtube!  I feel famous. I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded anything to youtube before so this is a big deal for me. One of what I hope will be many firsts – the sort of thing entrepreneurs aim to do.

I am not an entrepreneur. At least not yet. The teacher in me insists that I do  my homework and prepare myself for life in the business world. Thing is, it’s an industry I love and feel very good about: health and beauty. Many women find a niche in this area so it wouldn’t surprise me if you and I network some time. I’m also on Linkedin and Facebook Just to be a devil’s advocate here’s an article about how logging onto Twitter and Facebook shows a co-relation to clinical depression. Well that’s fun.

The great thing about this particular business is that it relies heavily on networking and it offers significant training. What it doesn’t require is a large financial investment. And I don’t have to go it alone. This isn’t my own independent business so I can even shadow people to get started. It shouldn’t take me long to become a District Manager – which is a fancy term that references the number of sales I’ve made. It doesn’t refer to a geographical area, since clients be found online.

What makes me think I should venture into this business and that I will probably be successful at it is that I fully believe in these products or I wouldn’t try to rep them. I’m insanely in love with them. I use everything they’ve got on the market from apparel to nutrition to cosmetics. My nature is such that if I didn’t feel truly passionate about this business I would never be able to pursue it. I can’t lie. I can’t mislead people into making unwise investments, no matter how small. I’m not cutthroat in my private life, as an educator, and I won’t be as an entrepreneur. It’s just not in me. That’s why I feel good about this venture.

And I feel restless at my current place of work. It’s a great career and I don’t intend to ever give up teaching but it’s not enough for me. My busy little brain is always active, always doing, never resting. I’m always taking courses to improve my teaching skills and knowledge, and to increase my chances of changing jobs within my teaching career. I’m energy on overdrive so I figured meh, why not try a new line of work? Here’s a great site called Women Entrepreneurs   It appears to be a branch of Entrepreneur

This business is not entrepreneurial in the classic sense I should think but it’s that toe in the water for rookies such as me. And maybe you. If you are also just starting out at running your own business let’s swap tricks of the trade. Networking and helping each other is what it’s all about. Take this quiz Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?



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