David Bowie makes us all Heroes

You might have been a Bowie fan. Now that he’s dead you may be one of the thousands who have run out to be buy one of his CD’s (probably Black Star – his last release) because now it’s Worth Something. Something about dead celebrities appeals to the gothic or shallow among us. Ask John Lennon about that one. Bowie can explain it.

Why is Bowie’s life and death applicable to you and me? Bowie was the ultimate entrepreneur. In fact his presence and worldwide community involvement made him nearly omniscient – it was difficult for many people to go throughout their day without being made aware of Bowie in some manner.

Most people think he was just a rock star. He wasn’t. He was an innovator, an animal rights activist, a  human rights advocate, a philanthropist, a historic figure, an advocate for Keep a Child Alive, an organization that works to assist children in Africa who live in poverty, and is even part of entomology in Penninsular Malaysia.

Malaysian entomologists bowienamed a large, yellow spider heteropoda davidbowie, after Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and painted face in his 1987 album Never Let Me Down. Ironically, the spider is sexually dimorphic, meaning it displays behaviours that  are distinctly different depending on gender, whereas Bowie built his early career on androgyny.

Bowie is a part of aeronautical history. During the first moon landing Britain broadcasted Bowie’s single Major Tom along with the NASA filming. How many rock stars in the world can claim that accomplishment? In fact, how many human beings from any walk of life have achieved that honour?  Bowie received many awards for his work and was granted a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award. Unfortunately, Madonna accepted it for him.

What does Bowie’s success have to do with us? He:

  1. inspires people to take risks
  2. embodies the true definition of entrepreneur
  3. demonstrates how to reinvent ourselves
  4. defended animal rights, loaning his iconic song Heroes to the film The Cove
  5. managed a family while building an empire
  6. became a fashion icon
  7. married the woman of his dreams and made his marriage work

Perhaps you weren’t a fan of Bowie’s during his lifetime and now you’d like to investigate this enigmatic man more closely. Or perhaps you’re one of those people who has to run out and buy Black Star because now Black Star is Worth Something.

To both of you I say welcome aboard the Bowie Bandwagon. It’s never too late to discover something or someone inspirational no matter why you do it, especially if that inspiration makes you the Hero of your own life. One thing you can be certain about.

Somewhere Bowie’s swinging on a Black Star, like Lazarus reborn, more omniscient than ever.







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