Why your people don’t want to work for you

You might also be one of these:

Backstabber – you know perfectly well that one of your workers has put in her time and deserves the promotion that’s in the running but you’ve decided to give it to your golf buddy. No wonder people hate you.

Narcissist – you love nothing more than reminding people of your status and why it is they aren’t the boss. At heart you face each day angry and expect a lot of troubles. You don’t anticipate anything positive happening at work and you enter the office on the defensive, looking for ways to put other people down. It hasn’t occurred to you that you’re the problem.

Push-over – flattery will get a person anywhere with you. There’s nothing you like more than praise and ass-kissing. You surround yourself with yes-women and yes-men. After all, there’s no better way to prove you’re right and to feel even better about yourself.

Bully – this one is the flipside of the Narcissist coin. In fact, they’re siblings. If you can’t get cooperation from your staff you flip out. When someone makes the slightest mistake you point it out in front of everyone. You have an iron fist with a velvet glove – minus the glove. You don’t realize the high turnover in your office is because people hate you, not because they aren’t motivated to work for their living.

The Worrier – you worry what people say about you. You lose sleep wondering what your boss will think when she sits in on the next meeting. You wonder if you’re in over your head any time you make a mistake. Maybe you are – not because you can’t do the job but because you doubt whether you can do it.

The Micro-Manager – no one knows how to run the office better than you. That means you have to peer over everyone’s shoulder and check their work. They’d be lost without you. The slightest detail could sink the ship. Better tell them what to eat for lunch too. Otherwise they’ll get indigestion. Oh wait. That only happens whenever you walk into the room.

The Pervert – it’s no coincidence that your secretary is half your age and wears stilettoes to work. You have a lot of attractive women working for you and you don’t mind making inappropriate comments to them. You also have a crude sense of humour. One of these days you’ll be slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit and you’ll have no idea where that came from. Meh. She must be menstruating.

The Chauvinist – women in the workplace? Whose idea was that anyway? They’re just a major distraction – the pretty ones wear tight skirts that keep your mind off your work, and the plain ones aren’t worth mentioning. They should be home having babies and cooking their husbands dinner. And any woman in your office can forget about anything other than the secretarial pool. Everyone knows a woman can’t handle authority.

The Empowered yet Respectable Woman – we need more people like you. Lots more. You’re an inspiration. You have credentials, class and you didn’t kiss ass to get where you are. You’re a mentor to your co-workers and probably don’t realize it. You go, girl.





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