Why You will Never Make a Career with Yoga

Yoga has made quite a comeback in North America since its brief craze in the 1970s so you might question my sanity with that headline. The thing is, people don’t pay a lot of money for yoga lessons. And since many studios offer a pay as you go plan, there are less regulars, resulting in lower profits. If you’re going to open a yoga studio you might want to think twice.

yoga.jpgThere are other reasons why becoming a yoga instructor isn’t such a great career idea. It doesn’t pay well. When you work for someone else you’ll be lucky to make $25.00 an hour, if that. Personally I couldn’t live on that if I tried. That’s because yoga instructors are a dime a dozen (well technically that isn’t true if you crunch the number above). But since almost anyone can become certified as a yoga instructor, your competition is fierce.

People don’t take yoga as seriously as the instructors. It’s a nice break in the day, a moment to de-stress, but for most people it’s not integral to their happiness. If you write out a list of the top 5 factors that are essential for you to achieve life fulfillment, you can bet yoga won’t be on it.

Investing in a yoga studio is not a good idea. You have to earn back your investment through your clients in order to even start making a profit. By then, you could be on the hook with the bank if your business hasn’t taken flight. It’s a fact that most small businesses fail within 4 years of their start-up.

There are a lot of yoga classes offered on youtube that are completely free. That way, people don’t even have to leave the house to partake in a yoga class and all types of them are offered on the internet.

For whatever reason, most teaching positions (outside of academic) just don’t pay that well and aren’t especially stable. There’s no real future in yoga. There’s no position to move up into (pun). Your ongoing learning will come out of your pocket. It’s also discouraging to receive criticisms about your class and you will. Quite a few at first.

You can get fired easily. This is because there is no yoga union and studios don’t have to give you a reason as to why they’re letting you go. Most people will tell you they don’t have enough clients so they have to downsize. That might be true or it might not. Either way, once you’re out of a job, it really doesn’t matter.

yoga.jpgIf you expect to make a reasonable income, you’re going to have to instruct a lot of classes. A lot. You won’t have time to do much of anything since most people take yoga outside of regular business hours, which means evenings and weekends. So much for your social life or time with your family because when do you usually see them?

Die-hard instructors will tell you lots of great reasons to do yoga. But that doesn’t mean you can talk someone into doing it. Or blog them into it. People are going to do what they want so spending a great deal of your time and energy won’t recruit more clients.

The credentials needed to become a yoga teacher are pretty low and easy. Yet the hours you will spend learning to become a good teacher and in planning your classes are crazy.It might be wiser to teach yoga part-time and have a full-time career doing something more lucrative. That could be a good compromise.

Yes it’s true there are women and men who make a decent living at yoga instruction but they aren’t in the majority. In fact there are people who believe yoga should be offered to people for free. Listen to this radio interview with Penelope Trunk.

Hard to argue with someone who is internet famous and has been commercially successful with 3 start-up companies.











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