Don’t Post your Resume on Linkedin

Those are a few good scenarios as to why posting your information isn’t such a hot idea. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook or Myspace or whatever. It’s just not a good idea. For one thing, Facebook is known to share your information to third parties without your knowledge or consent.

You can list a few credentials about yourself such as where you got your degree or diploma and what your current job is, perhaps. But that doesn’t mean you should put out your email or your address or phone number of any other personal information.

I’ve read about people who post information on Facebook like the wonderful trip they’re planning to Florida in two weeks time. That’s awesome information for criminals who are in the business of committing break and entry into people’s homes. Not smart.

Posting photographs is just as foolish. Once you post a photograph of anyone – you or your kids for instance – it becomes public property. Anyone can access it and do anything to your pic that they want – including something pornographic. Kinda makes you want to take down all your pics, doesn’t it?

Also you need to be as objective as you can about what you post on twitter and other SM sites. Inappropriate etiquette can be a career killer. Employers notice this stuff and it can make or break your chances of getting hired. Also, no matter what the flaws of your current or recent employer keep those thoughts to yourself.

And the most significant of all of course is identity theft. All that awesome information, including photographs, that you’ve posted for people around the world to see if just waiting to be hacked. And you can be your life eventually someone will hack somebody’s information and pics somewhere in this world to gain access to a passport or money or what have you.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on social media at all or that using LinkedIn is always a bad idea to search for jobs and to network. In fact social media can be very powerful in terms of finding work and getting your information out to recruiters who are always looking for new talent. It’s just sensible to be cautious and leery about what and how much you post about you.

By all means, if you feel it’s necessary, hop onto the social media bandwagon. Just be smart and be careful. You don’t need the life-altering heartache of identity theft or losing your job when your employer discovers you’re seeking employment elsewhere because she happened to search her employees one day on LinkedIn to see how they spend their time at work.




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