Avoid Career Change Mistakes

Career change is scary enough without making the many errors emphasized in the video. Of course our little heroine also made sensible choices too. Odds are you will do the same – make good choices and bad choices. However getting the heads-up on both might save you from making as many mistakes as you’d make without learning about these tidbits.

  1. Know why you want to change career paths. Make sure it’s not the job
    you don’t like or the corporate culture. That’s entirely different.
  2. Don’t make a move solely for money. It’s not going to be worth it. You
    could end up in a worse position in terms of your enjoyment of the
  3. It’s a little “iffy” about speaking to people you know (except your mentor)
    about what they think of the career path you are interested in, especially if
    they are employed in that industry. Many people are pretty jaded after
    enough years in a field because they’re thinking about their own mistakes,
    corporate culture, changing financial situations and more. They won’t
    mention these things to you.
  4. You need a career change plan. It’s ridiculously risky to quit and not have a
    plan in place. It could take several months or even a year before you can
    actually make the move.
  5. Make sure you can pay all your bills for 3 – 6 months before you leave your
    current job.
  6. Investigate the type of work that companies value. There’s no point in
    going into a career path that isn’t needed.
  7. Do speak to your mentor about your new career interests.
  8. Change mentors and find someone in your prospective field.
  9. Cultivate a new network.
  10. Search places other than job boards to find available jobs.

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