Stupid Career Mistakes You Make all the Time

You’d be surprised how many women make the same mistakes at work. You’ve done them too without realizing it. Or you realize it but feel helpless to do anything about it. That’s because as females we are raised to be obedient, somewhat passivesomewhat passive, and above all, nice to people. As a result when we become women we carry those feminine qualities into the workplace with us and our careers suffer for it.

There will always be a few negative truisms involving gender in the workplace because that’s how women and men operate at work. This video about avoiding gender stereotyping at work was made in the 1950s. It’s an exaggeration but women still face some of this prejudice today. :

  1. Men make thousands more a year than women for the same job.
    That’s because we underestimate our worth and accept  less salary
    for the same job as a man.
  2. Men make up to $16,000.00 more a year than women in the same role.
  3. There are very few women CEOs.
  4. The Old Boys Network will never go away.
  5. Women are promoted less often and often they hit the glass ceiling
    in middle management.

Here are some of the ways women sabotage themselves at work:

  1. We work for free.
  2. We don’t ask questions in case we sound stupid
  3. Women need to be liked. This is a fallacy. Look at  Sandra Bullock’s
    character in The Proposal. She is an  uber bitch and
    she was the most successful employee in her department.
  4. Not recognizing that your unique character and female traits
    are necessary at your workplace. You don’t have to go to the
    other extreme and act like a man to get ahead.
  5. Trying to be one of the Boys in order to penetrate (pun) the Old
    Boys Network. It won’t work. And you’ll look pathetic.
  6. Being too honest. That refers to revealing information about
    yourself and your company to anyone outside the company. Once
    I saw a woman on television complaining about the low salary she
    made working for Panasonic. The next day, she was fired. Idiot.
  7. We’re too competitive with other women.Professional friendships
    among women can lead to improvement in office politics.

There are many strengths in being a woman in the office. Once you expect more of the people around you and establish boundaries, it’s easier to reach your career goals and earn respect. It’s best to keep sex out of the office. Save details about your sex life, bawdy sex jokes and affairs for after hours with someone else.

It’s difficult to change how you feel about yourself, in your private life and at work. But if you don’t change your behaviours, your career will go nowhere. Make sure you announce your achievements at meetings, approach the boss about promotional opportunities, establish boundaries such as saying “no” now and then, and recognizing that your work isn’t enough to help you get ahead at work.



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