Megyn Kelly: the Woman who Maintained her Dignity during the Onslaught by the President Elect

gop-debate-kellyOkay so Trump wasn’t president yet when he railed about Kelly’s questioning during his CNN interview. The fact that he was in the running for the presidency while doing so stuns me. How can an intelligent man be so incredibly stupid. Then again perhaps he’s not stupid so much as insane. Which further begs the question how can American be insane and stupid enough to have elected him President.

What I liked about Kelly during Trump’s idiotic defense of his frat-boy behaviour during their public interview was her reserved, dignified reaction to both Trump’s frat-boy behaviour and the audience around her. They cheered when Trump insisted he only insulted Rosie OèDonnell and not women in general. He sidestepped Kelly’s insistence that this wasn’t true by stating everyone is too politically correct. She quietly allowed for his statement that his comments about women were all in fun In other words she let Trump ramble and bury himself even further, resulting in the media emphasizing Trump’s disregard (perhaps downright misogynistic view) towards women.

Kelly didn’t argue. She had enough sense and insight to let Trump make a jackass out of himself as he so effortlessly achieves. What was disturbing however was the audience support for Trumps statements. Weren’t there any women in the audience? Did they cheer along with their male counterparts or simply stand silently by, too intimidated to react otherwise?.

There’s an example we can take away from Kelly’s interaction with Trump. Regardless of how people attack you, even in the workforce, maintain your dignity. That doesn’t mean tolerate it or allow oneself to be abused. I liked the stoicism Kelly revealed during the Trump debacle. I’ve witnessed people in public being insulted by passersby for God only knows what reason yet respond with dignity. Sting summed it up best: it takes a gentleman to suffer ignorance and smile.

It takes a gentlewoman, too.



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