How Not to Behave at the Office Christmas Party

offThat holly jolly time of year again at the office. As usual, your colleagues and you are welcome to imbibe in a few refreshments together to welcome the holidays and the new year (although hopefully without ending up like the – lovely – lady on the left).Before Holly gets too jolly it is always wise to keep in mind some sage (pun) advice in order to keep your career intact. For an animated example of how to get fired at the party, click here.

I once had a friend who got so drunk at a large company party attended by about 200 or so employees that she could remember very little of the evening the next day. Now you know that cannot be a good sign. Her work friend, Haley, filled her in on a few deets the following day. She’d lifted up her skirt over her waist while dancing. Some of the male employees frantically searched for their cell phones to get that on film. So far it hasn’t gone viral – not that she knows about.

The coup de grace however was slow dancing with a male colleague with whom she had a pleasant, platonic comraderie and telling him apropos of nothing “I want to fuck you.” She then went to work on Monday and sulked, ignoring him as if he had done something wrong. Oopsie. Her bad.

Here’s another gem for you. 

party“My boss told me a story about a former intern who had to leave the company because of her Christmas party antics. She was the niece of a big boss who’d managed to get an internship through her family connections and was invited along to the Christmas party at the end of the year. They’d hired somewhere out for the Christmas party and things got very messy as soon as the booze started to flow. The intern was chucking back the shots and ended up vomiting all down herself during the party, but instead of taking her home for some reason they sat her on the pool table, where she carried on throwing up. She then proceeded to poo herself on the pool table. She didn’t go back to work after Christmas.”

I’ve always dreamed about shitting all over the boss – at least this woman had the chance to live my dream.

When 33-year-old Dana Humphrey arrived at her company’s Christmas party a few years ago, she knew it was going to be a bad night from the get-go. “I got stuck at this awkward three-person table with the receptionist — who was rather outspoken and annoying — and her husband,” says Humphrey, who downed three cocktails before the appetizers even appeared. Afterward, at a music venue down the street, Humphrey ended up dancing “totally drunk” onstage. Even worse, she insulted a superior — telling the company CFO that she didn’t like her brooch.While the CFO never confronted Humphrey about the incident, she was mortified. Her boss took to calling her “party girl” the next day.

Here is an odd, alternative perspective by a CEO on how to behave at an office Christmas party. A parody of The Office and their Christmas cheer. And a 32-second vid of the real Office Christmas party. However you decide to party with your work colleagues, do what works for you and perhaps worry about the consequences in the morning (if you can remember the fun you had the night before).  Cheers!








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