Doing what you Love is Stupid

Because you’ll never make any money. What are the things that many women love doing? Blogging. Spending time with their families. Getting or giving make-overs. Fitness. Taking courses in areas of interest which tend to be in things they love and aren’t going to contribute to their business goals. Sometimes.

downloadLet’s say you love to teach yoga and you’re a good teacher. It’s really hard to make money as a fitness instructor in any capacity. Take it from one who knows. I taught at the YMCA and various private studios eons ago, teaching high and low impact aerobics and step classes (remember those)? I barely made a penny. I was a great teacher and I had fun but the earning potential was zero.

I have a trainer. She tells me the pay rate is competitive which means it’s not great. There are no benefits and no pension. If you take days off you don’t get paid. She finally quit and returned to university to complete her Ph.D. in linguistics. She’d already started it then quit to enter fitness. She spent a few years in the field, realized she’d never make any money from it, quit and returned to her academics. That makes more sense to me. Maybe she’ll be a prof or a translator. Who knows? She’s married and her husband can support them both so she has time to finish this thing.

Yoga is everywhere nowadays and there are all kinds. There are different membership rates and different locations. There are even webinars when you can’t make it into a studio. The competition is so fierce I bet the only way you might make money is to open your own studio. And that is a big risk at best.

blog.jpgOther things you might love, such as writing or blogging, are absolutely abysmal pay (if any). You just don’t usually make money blogging unless it is part of a larger job description for a corporation.

And figuring out what you love to do can be a burden unto itself. How many things do you love to do? Probably a hundred. So which one do you want to do? Probably a hundred. Now what?  You will drive yourself insane figuring that one out. So don’t bother. Do what you like to do, are good at doing and will get paid very well to do. Hopefully you will also choose a career that is not only in demand now but will remain so for years to come. That all depends on the industry you choose (not necessarily your specific job).

Have you ever watched the bad auditions for American Idol or X Factor? These people are terrible and they are so shocked when they don’t make it to the next round. What’s even more startling is that they don’t know how bad they are. So much for doing what you love.

You probably have a diploma, certificate or a degree. So use it to start you in the right direction. And if you don’t have these and are young and not burdened with kids, get one. Before you do, figure out your strengths (not your loves) and then enroll. Try this quiz.




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