Millennials have a Stupid Mentality

millennialnametag_0You know how millennials are staying home longer than the previous generation and are protected by Mommy and Daddy well past their teens? Well the nest isn’t the only safety net 20-somethings have nowadays. This is so ridiculous I could hardly believe it.

Millennials are bringing Mommy and Daddy to their job interviews. No shit. They bring one of their parents because they are so used to Mommy and Daddy doing everything for them. Sometimes Mommy even participates in the interview. Good grief.

Other parents are known to call corporations and try to set up interviews for their adult “kids.” If you were the hiring manager would you take that potential employee seriously?

There is another way that parents have failed their millennial children. They have given their kids everything they ever wanted. They constantly tell their children they are special and better than everyone else. There is no such thing as losing: parents want everyone to win all the time. They demand teachers give their children an “A” even when it isn’t earned.

millenialsThis results in a generation of loser workers. They have been dealt a bad hand. They are tough to manage. They feel a sense of entitlement. They are narcissistic. They have a lot of demands on their employers even when they are just starting out. They all think they are working at Google where there is free food and a playground. A playground. Dear God. Right back to where Mommy and Daddy used to tell them how special they were and when childhood was a fun place to be.

Millennials have been caught doing all kinds of weird things at work. One employer found his 23-year-old employee uploading penis pictures to their company Dropbox and drinking wine.  A 26-year-old woman billed a company 12 hours a day but she spent 6 hours on the computer playing video games. Another millennial worker quit a good job when a new video game came out so he could play it all day.

Are there any good millennials out there? Of course there are. And many early 20-something’s will work for low pay because they need a job to pay off their student loans. Others are eager to please because they actually want to get and keep a job, and start climbing up the corporate ladder. There is hope for the millennials. But they have a long way to go.




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