Your Job will Never totally Satisfy You

blogSo put any idea that it will out of your head. Your job will not complete you unless you are incredibly lucky and do wind up with a career that you absolutely love (most of us don’t). And if you do you probably aren’t making a good salary which leads to depression so the bottom line is if you do what you love you are probably screwed. How fun is that?

You will spend over half your life working. That’s a somber thought. Don’t worry. You will probably career hop at least 3 times so you won’t necessarily be stuck in a career you hate. Even when you’re in a good job you won’t be totally fulfilled by it. We are multi-faceted beings and it is impossible that any one thing will ever fully satisfy us.

You might love to take ballroom dancing lessons, blog, play football, collect stamps, hang out with friends, gossip and drink beer. But clearly if you only did one of these things all the time you would soon hate it. Because it would get old and boring. You have to have variety in your life.

familyThe same is true of your career. Even if it has lots of variety and you are excited at the beginning, over time it will not be completely fulfilling. You will probably fall in love and want to have kids. You may wish to complete your education. You might want to travel or take singing lessons. Your job simply won’t cover all the bases.

So find a good career that hopefully you enjoy and that pays well. Just don’t be surprised when it isn’t enough to keep you entirely happy. That’s normal. It’s not you. It’s life.


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